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Tools of the Trade

This section will deal with the tools of the trade. Pots, pans, grills, if you need it to cook, it will be here…eventually!

When cooking or attempting to do almost anything, the proper tools make the task at hand much easier. I will list the equipment that I have used and had success with.

We’ll start off with  the basics, utensils. A basic set of forks, spoons, and knives can be found at almost any department story. Macys and Sears have a good selection and are reasonably priced. The set we currently use is for a 12 seat setting, as are our plates and bowls. We have an assortment of spatulas, both metal and plastic, whisks measuring devices, etc. This is all pretty much standard stuff and in most instances is a matter pf personal preference. I prefer heavier silverware.

Cooking devices. What you cook on is probably as important as what you are cooking. We use several different devices and they are listed below.

  1. The Ducane 4400 barbecue grill (See review here)
  2. The Weber Q 200 portable grill (review shortly)
  3. The George Foreman rotisserie oven
  4. The Masterbuilt 7 in one smoker

The Ducane does all of the “heavy lifting” when cooking outdoors. To date, it has never made a bad meal! . The Weber Q 200 is an excellent portable grill and can grill almost anything you need for two to four people.

The George Foreman oven has also never produced a bad meal. You can cook a whole chicken in it, chicken wings in the basket, which I also use on the grill, and a host of other foods.

The MasterBuiilt 7 in 1 could be one of the best gifts I have ever received. This unit can grill with gas or coals. Can smoke with gas, coals, and wood. With just the base it can be used to boil water, cook a gumbo, or deep frying. A versatile piece of equipment!

What to cook with.

After a rather lengthy search, we decided on the Emerill Lagasse 10 piece pot and pan set. It was $200.00 form the Home shopping Network. The pans are made by AllClad and are just as good as the more expensive version. They are seven years old and still look as good as they did the day we bought them!

Check back often as this page is updated frequently.


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