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First Dive on the Mako

August 25, 2010
Now, on to the dive. After getting out of the inlet and the usually choppy seas found there, we turned North to find one of our “spots”. Using a visual reference and the newly acquired depth finder, we dropped anchor.
My brother and I put in our Scuba gear and descended to the anchor. The anchor was lodged under a rock so we were off!

Apparently, my navigation skills are as good as ever. We were directly on the reef. Plenty of fish were seen. Unfortunately, as it was overcast there wasn’t much visibility, maybe 10 feet and it was almost like a night dive. We swam around looking at all of the sights. Then, I spied an antenna sticking out from under a rock. Out comes Mr. Lobster and it looked small. He darted away and was gone. 😦
Swimming further on the reef, we noticed that the current had picked up, so as this was an anchor dive, we decided to swim into the current. As we continued the dive, I spied another lobster. This one came out and he was a keeper. Unfortunately, due to old age or diminishing skills, I missed him too! 😦 😦

As we were running low on air, we decided to surface. We surfaced about 75 yards away from the boat and were drifting with the current. It is just about where I figured we should be on a compass dive, so, we went down to look for more prey. After a few minutes, it was time to come up.

Apparently the current was a little stronger than we thought as we surfaced about 100 yards on the other side of the boat! We had to swim back to the boat against what turned out to be about an 8 knot current. This took roughly an hour and a half! After getting on board, it was decided to forgo the second dive as the current had picked up quite a bit!

We brought the boat back to the ramp, loaded it up, gave it a quick wash and headed home to burgers, sausage, and Margaritas!
Our next dive will be in two weeks and we hope to have someone to drive the boat!


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