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Quick Barbecue Ribs

This is a recipe that requires little skill and a much smaller time-frame to prepare.

The first thing you need is a rack of ribs. You may cut these every six ribs which should give you three fairly equal sized pieces.
Fill a large pot full of water and some barbecue sauce or, any other spices you like. Bring the water to a boil. Let the ribs boil for 5 minutes…no more!
Turn off the heat and let the ribs sit in the water for approximately one hour.
Before we go on, you have to differentiate between boiling something, as in hard-boiled eggs, and par-boiling something, which is designed to loosen up the fibers of the meat. What you are doing here is the latter.

Place your ribs on one side of your grill if you have “north-south” burner configuration. If you have an “east-west” configuration, place the ribs at the top or bottom of your grill. If you have a charcoal grill, make the fire on one side and cook the ribs on the other.

Try to keep the temperature around 300-325 degrees for one hour. Check the ribs. The meat should be starting to come off the bones. If so, add your favorite barbecue sauce and cook for 15 minutes, flip the ribs and cook for another 15 minutes. Flip again, add more sauce, cook for another 15 minutes, and repeat on the other side.

This method is for those who like their ribs “saucy”. The heat will caramelize the sauce and add some more flavor. You can also add wood chips or soaked wood to the fire to add another layer of flavor.

I use this method when it is just me or for the wife. she likes them this way as opposed to the dry rub method. In fact, most people prefer their ribs with sauce.

This is wood wrapped in foil on the burner side of the grill.

Here are the finished ribs.


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