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Today, I had to do an inspection in southwest Fort Lauderdale, about a mile from where I grew up. I figured, whilst I was in the area, perhaps I should go by the old homestead. To say the neighborhood has gone downhill, would be an underestimation.

Below is a picture of the house I and my brothers and sister grew up in. The entire exterior has been textured over. The brickwork that used to be at the front wall has been covered over. The brick flower bed that ran the entire length of the front wall has been removed. On a positive note, the old asphalt driveway has been removed and replaced with pavers. I wonder if they found anything under the old driveway? 😉

I don’t remember when, but when we were all kids, our father decided to plant these trees. I would suspect, they have never been trimmed!

And finally, and my Cousin will remember this, our Grandmas house. Unfortunately, it has fallen into a severe state of disrepair. They are finally converting the old septic tanks into sewers. Since they already have all the equipment,perhaps they should spend a little extra time and demolish the whole neighborhood! I have fond memories of the porch where I had several “deep”, well, for an 18-year-old, conversations with my cousins! I shed a tear as I drove away……………… the Indian in that old “Keep America Beautiful” ad.


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