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Phase two

After two weeks of the Atkins induction diet and a total weight loss of 12 pounds, it is time for phase two, cardiovascular activity.

It has been my experience, that running is the fastest way to lose weight. It also has the added benefit of allowing you to do more, both from a cardiovascular and weight lifting standpoint.

As I have not run in any capacity since my high school wrestling/football days, I determined that it would be wise to start with something small. The wife and I have been taking regular walks with Marshall around the block. This morning, I decided that this would be as good a starting place as any.

Got up at 5:30, took my vitamins and supplements, did a light stretch, and off I went. Once around the block! After the first 1/4 of the run, it came back to me, the sensation of your body telling you that you are doing something it doesn’t like! A few aches, the usual cracking of the joints, but I persevered.

As I rounded the second leg of our block, the aches subsided and I fell into that pitter-patter running style that I remember from way, way back. Rounding the third leg, it was now time to concentrate on the breathing, which was becoming labored. Fortunately, the nine beers and close to 250 carbohydrates consumed yesterday, did not exasperate the issue.

Rounding the third turn, things began to settle down. An even pacing combined with a rhythmic breathing technique, and I was ready for the sprint to the home! Back in the high school days, whenever we ran, we always sprinted to the finish. Our coaches always stressed that you wanted to “finish strong”.

The “sprint” was only about 300 yards and at 3/4 speed, but was effective. The total time was 5 minutes, non-stop. Completing the run without stopping was my first goal. Not getting injured was my second and both were accomplished.

As I type, I can feel the throbbing in my legs. It feels good, the blood rushing through my veins, and sweat coming off the body when the temperature outside is in the 50s!

Although the goal of running in the Disney race in October seems a long way off, at least there is hope that it is attainable. This regiment will be performed every day. Wednesday, I will attempt 2 laps around the block.

This morning, I will be taking Marshall to the park riding the bike and he will be in his carrier. He really likes it now that the cover is off and he is big enough to see what is going on, plus, Daddy gets some more work in!


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