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Running..Day 4…1 Mile!

As I set here typing, I can feel the blood pumping through every part of my body! I am finally sweating, which hasn’t occurred in the previews runs! I suspect that is a good thing. My heart rate must be in the high 170s, at least, taking my pulse manually for 10 seconds, the math comes out to around 172.

Some may wonder what happened to Day 3? It was determined that Day 3 would be a rest day. Running, riding the bicycle and crawling in an attic, seems to have placed a strain on a bunch of my muscles! On to Day 4!

Day four started with the usual getting dressed, taking the vitamins and supplements, and stretching. Today, different from the other days, I spent five minutes stretching my calfs, quads, and hamstrings. After stretching, it was time to run!

This morning was to be the day to go twice around the block. I measured the block yesterday, and it is just a shade under 1/2 a mile. When I exited through our front door to the outside, I was met with a chill. Apparently, I didn’t read the weather report and the temperature must have been in the high 50s. I was guided in this run by a full, glowing moon! All of the stars were twinkling and the sky was clear. Seemed like a good omen! 🙂

The run began as all the others had. I was running at a brisk pace, tracking each step, and breathing in rhythm. Things were looking good even though it appears as though, I have contracted some sort of respiratory issue. While at the park Tuesday, Marshall interacted with another boy whose Mother was periodically removing globs of boogers from her child’s nose. Guess who has a cough! 😦

Meanwhile, back at the run…….A nagging issue has returned! This particular issue involves my hip. Apparently, from all of the years favoring my left leg, some sort of wear has taken place on my right hip. When riding a bicycle, my hip “locks up” for a period at the top of each stroke. If I swing my leg, while still having my feet placed on the pedals, the hip pops and all is well from there on out. I was trying to figure out how to perform this maneuver while running. Fortunately, after about 30 yards, it popped on its own!

Now I could proceed. I continued on the route as normal. About 3/4 of the way through, I started to breathe a little heavy, but controlling my breathing stopped that. First leg complete! After a 20 second stretching break in front of the house, it was time to go for lap two.

Lap two started out like the previous one, with the exception of no hip issue to deal with. I was running a little faster than lap one as I was eager to finish. While rounding the last corner, it was time to sprint. At this time, I developed a burst of energy and sprinted to the finish without any issues. One mile complete!

As I seem to be making progress, I can now add a few things that I have corrected this week.

  1. A shirt with an open collar is required. I cannot run wearing a T-shirt.
  2. Supplements. As I am 50, I take Centrum “Silver” vitamins. One a day. I also take Trigosamine for my joints.
  3. The strength building supplement of my choice is NoXplode, Lemon-Lime flavor. It is probably one of the best supplements for building muscle and recovery.
  4. Speaking of which, next week I will start taking NiTrix which helps replenish the nitrogen in your blood. Both products are manufactured by  BSN. I’ll have a link to the products and where you can get them when my strengthening phase begins next week.
  5. No water before the run! Today was the first day I didn’t drink any water prior to running. It seemed to help. I did have a glass when I got home.

All in all, this week, to this point, has been successful. I haven’t managed to injure myself or fall down! I have also managed to lose the weight from Sundays carbohydrate/sugar binge! In all, I gained seven pounds in one day, which took four days to lose!!

Later today, I will be scouting the three gyms in our area and decide which one to join. It has become apparent, initially at my physical therapy sessions, and now during this running adventure, that my legs are weaker than I would like. And since I have always had strong legs, I am finding this issue particularly irritating.

Until tomorrow………………………………


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