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Running Day 5…….Pain!

As there were no ill effects of yesterdays one mile run, I felt fairly confident that todays run would be much easier. Turned out, not to be the case!

The temperature was a balmy seventy degrees. The moon was full, and there was a medium fog present. As I am fighting whatever new disease Marshall has contracted, todays supplements included the addition of Echeneisha as well as two Nitrix pills. One was a good idea, the other was not!

The run began as usual, the hip issue reared its head, but within 5 seconds, I heard the familiar pop, and that pain was gone.

After the first leg of the run, my calfs began to tighten up, specifically the left one. I wear a brace that was prescribed to me by my Doctor. It is a “Unloader” brace and is supposed to take the pressure off of my damaged inner portion of my knee. I’ll have to say, so far, it is effective. Unfortunately, it requires adjustment and I would guess that this weeks running has cause my calf to grow a little bit and the lower strap that goes around my calf, was too tight. I unbuckled the strap and the tightness went away.

After the first lap, I did a light stretch in front of the house and off I went for the second lap. I made it through the second lap without any problems, except…that by this time, the Echenisha was beginning to make the return route through my throat! For the last two legs the taste in my mouth was not pleasant!

After making the final turn, the sprint to the finish was on. I made the sprint almost effortlessly. This could be due to the acclamation from running or the “boost” from the Nitrix. In any event, a successful run!

Thoughts after week one:

  1. It would appear as though I am in a little worse shape than I imagined, at least strength-wise.
  2. Endurance doesn’t seem to be a problem. After the tightness is gone, I should have no problem running any distance.
  3. The actual running portion is not nearly as bad as I expected.
  4. The supplements, particularly the Nitrix, work.
  5. It would appear, at least initially, that there have been no issues with the surgically repaired left knee. ๐Ÿ™‚

I will be taking Saturday and Sunday off…sort of….more on that later. ๐Ÿ™‚


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