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Running…Day 6.

After two days of walking and pushing the stroller, which could have been the best gift we ever got, Thanks Jen!, at Disney, I woke up this morning with a bit of pain in the upper right inside portion of my knee. 😦

This is not the normal area of pain that I am constantly battling. There is an area behind my knee where my hamstring attaches, that has some sort of knot or object lodged in there. No one knows what it is, but I can just manipulate it and the pain goes away.

The area that hurts today is right at the bottom of the “teardrop” muscle in my quadriceps, which, I have noticed, is significantly smaller than my right leg. I can’t wait to get into the gym to correct this. This area also happens to be right on top of where my ACL is attached.

To prevent further injury, I’ll be taking today off from running. I have to work later today, so, tomorrow I’ll return back to the running.

Sometime this week, I’ll blog the entire story of how my knee got damaged. It will include a couple of pictures and the names of the Doctors who were involved. What started out as a simple ACL/meniscus tear, has turned into a situation where total or partial knee replacement will be required…someday.

That is the reason I am running. If my knee is going to require replacement anyway, I might as well do what I can now as from all reports from other patients I have talked to and Doctors, once the knee is replaced, running and a majority of other activities, are out of the question.

The damage to my knee right now is so severe that my Doctor has already recommended that a “partial” replacement be performed. That is what I am trying to avoid. Hopefully by stretching and building up the muscles, I can stave off this procedure.


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