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Saturdays list

As there is no run scheduled today, it would seem to be a day to relax. Not so!

First, I will make breakfast on the Weber Q, again, as that was a big hit last week. Then, out for some supplies required for the “Tour de Bar”. Since the wife has to get her hair done, Marshall and I will visit the park for a little “Daddy and Me” picnic! Next, time to cut the lawn…which I have managed to put off for the entire week. It needs to be done soon because as it is now, the house is barely visible from the road! And, finally, dinner, barbecue bone in chicken breasts and cole slaw!

Sunday, will be the Tour de Bar. For those that do not know what this event is, several individuals, and the number has actually gone over 100 participants, several times, start out at a predetermined launch site , Bonefish Macs this year @ 11:00 if anyone wants to join the party, and then visit select drinking/eating establishments during the day. It is a great time, in most instances, and culminates with a party as the Super Bowl starts.

Below is this years itinerary:

Tour De Bar 2011

Wish me luck!


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