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Running Day 14.

After yesterdays incident, I was a little concerned about today. As I awoke, my right calve is still a little tight, but there is no bruising and it has loosened up considerably. In the interest of looking toward the long-term goal, I am going to take the rest of the week off and return to the running program next Monday.

As to what caused this injury, my own stupidity! As I was in a hurry yesterday to get the run in before Marshall woke up, I didn’t bother stretching and just started running. As everything felt so good, I thought I was going to get away with it, apparently, my body had different ideas! I won’t make this mistake again!

As for the rest of the day, I have some running around, not literal running, to do and then the remainder of the day will be for rest. I think I am going to slither over to the meat market and see if they have a decent rib roast for Friday night dinner. I see the Ducane is getting “jealous” as the Q is getting the bulk of the work lately!

The Atkins diet has done its job. Although I did gain 7 pounds from the Tour de Bar, which I also noticed that the last time I had a binge, the weight gain was also 7 pounds, that weight is now gone and I am back to 225 pounds. Unfortunately, it appears as though when I took Marshall to the doctor, one of those sick kids has transmitted yet another disease to yours truly! Can the parents not read? Sick kids go on the other side of the wall, well kids go on this side!

The next entry for the running blog will be Monday, but, there should be something on the Q page.


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Running..Day 13…Bad Luck! :(

Today, the run started off great. The temperature outside was a crisp 62 degrees and there was no wind. After the first 1/4 of the run, it was obvious that the gluten issue has gone away. The way I can tell is that my senses, more particularly, my sense of smell, returns to its normal self!

While running, I can smell flowers, sprinkler water, and unfortunately, cigarette smoke, from a 1/2 block away!

The first lap was uneventful. It seemed that I could run forever. I wasn’t even breathing heavy and still breathing through my nose.

About 1/4 of the way through the second lap, I felt a “snap” from the back of my right calve. At the Tour de Bar, my good friend Steve was there with a gigantic bandage around one of his calves. I asked him what happened. He said while playing tennis, his calve exploded! In the pictures he showed me, it didn’t look good!

With thoughts of Steve in my head, I immediately stopped running and tried to stretch out my calve. This had no effect. I limped home and continued to stretch. As of this writing, there is no difference. The calve is very tight and painful. I hope I didn’t do any severe damage. Time will tell.

After I get back from dropping Marshall off at Daycare, I’ll have an update.

I am not superstitious, but maybe there is something to the number “13” being bad luck!

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Running…Day 12 Gluten Strikes!!!

After a day off to recover from the Tour de Bar, and actually to recover from the dietary issues is more to the point, it was time to hit the pavement running!

As I exited the front door, a chill of cold air hit me. Apparently, we must be in some sort of cold front! I did my usual stretching and began the run. As I suspected, there were no ill effects, physically, from the Tour de Bar. No cramping, soreness or anything else. Also, and what I was fearing, was the effect that ingestion of gluten has caused.

One of the effects of gluten is a bloating sensation. I am not referring to a little bit of gas type bloating. I am referring to the “third trimester” type of bloating usually associated with pregnancy. The bloating itself isn’t really an issue, it just means you have to go up a notch or two on your belt. Unfortunately, what happens with the excessive bloating is that it expands everything and something has to give. The “something” in my case, would be my lungs. It becomes very difficult to breathe and as far as taking deep, controlled breaths, that is out of the question.

Todays run was one mile. The first lap went well until the 3/4 point, where I began to have trouble breathing. As I ran the second lap, the problem worsened and as a result, I had to stop to catch my breath.

Some may consider this a step backward, but since I know the cause and the fact that hopefully, by Wednesday or Thursday, this issue should be resolved, I have high hopes of getting to the 1 1/2 mile mark by Friday.

According to the test strips, I am still in deep ketosis and as proof of that, I weighed myself this morning and the scale read 228 pounds. I am hoping that by tomorrow or Thursday, I’ll be back to the Sunday morning weight of 225 pounds.

For those that have gluten issues, and for those that don’t understand it, the reaction to gluten takes approximately one week to recover from. Over time, it can take years to recover from as your system gets so damaged, it needs time to repair itself.

To read about my issues, go here: Gloom of Gluten

If you have any of the symptoms, it might be a good idea to get tested. 1 in 135 people have Celiac disease…and do not know it. Others have some sort of food allergy and are usually diagnosed with the catch-all, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

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Running…Day 11..1 mile..non-stop!!

Today was the day to let it all hang out. One complete mile with no stopping. The first thing I am going to do on this post, is to describe the route that I take.

It is an oval, similar to your average NASCAR track. A long run that starts at my driveway, of a little under a 6th of a mile, the a shorter portion which is about an 8th of a mile, then the same amount as the first leg, then the final turn home.

This morning, I was greeted with the pain in the back of my left knee that had gone away previously. My knee was locked up and I spent a good 15 minutes trying to get the knee to “release”. It never did completely. I was determined to finish the run, but first, I had to start it!

After my stretching, I started the run. I have picked up my pace as of this week and so the first leg was going well. There was slight discomfort in my left knee, but, anyone who knows me, knows that when I actually decide to do something, I will not be deterred. In this case, it may be detrimental to my health, but it wouldn’t be the first time!

After the first lap, I was moving along nicely. Only a hint of pain from the left knee and I managed to complete the first lap without breathing through my mouth again, just like yesterday. As I made the first turn, I could feel the “burn” in my quads. I haven’t felt that in some time! Rounding the second turn, heading for the long backstretch, I felt pretty good. Things were about to change.

About 2/3 of the way down the backstretch, I took a misstep. There wasย  a sharp pain from the upper, inner portion of my knee. Right above my surgically repaired ACL. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I continued to run and rounded the last turn. There would be no sprint home today as I literally, limped home.

When I got to the front door, a wave of excitement came over me as I actually made the complete run, non-stop!!!!

I did accomplish the goal of finishing the mile without stopping and, registering my best time, 6:28 minutes.

After I got inside the house, I stretched my legs, massaged my knee and as of now, everything feels good. We will see how things are later on today. Tomorrow is an off day and Sunday is the Tour de Bar. Hopefully, I survive that and may have some pictures of the event.

Everyone have a great weekend!!

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Running……….Day 10 a little break!

As I was getting into bed last night, I heard a “pop” from my left knee. Immediately, it was locked up and I couldn’t straighten it completely out. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ After some vigorous massaging, the knee finally straightened out. I have yet to figure out, how, the mere act of getting in and out of bed, can cause so many injuries! Welcome to 50!

After yesterdays run, later in the day after I performed an inspection, both legs were sore. Both calves as well as my ankles were sore and tight. I guess this means that the running is working as I am now incorporating all of my leg muscles, which I hope, is a good thing! I applied some liberal amounts of “icy-hot” to both legs and that seemed to help. On to todays run…………………..

As there was a fog advisory, I thought I might get to postpone the run. No such luck! Although it was foggy outside, I stretched and began the run. I made the entire first lap without breathing through my mouth. I would consider that a sign that the endurance is coming along well. On the other hand, after the first lap, I began to cough violently. This is a result of one of the many “infections” transmitted to Marshall, then to me, from his daycare.

This cough has been with me for at least a good month, and is beginning to get irritating. The good news is that I began spewing up all sorts of phlegm, which hopefully, is a sign that this latest infection has run its course.

As I have to cut the lawn today, I decided to cut the run short. It takes a good 1 1/2 hours to perform all the needed tasks to properly cut the lawn, edging, blowing, hedge trimming, etc., so that should make up for the missingย  second lap. Tomorrow will be the first attempt to run the whole mile without stopping for stretching. I will see how that goes. Saturday will be an off day and Sunday is the “Tour de Bar”. Hopefully, the bike riding will offset the alcohol consumption. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I got on the scale this morning it read 223 lbs., which is a little bit ahead of schedule, but I’ll take it. I knew the running would eventually start to effect the weight loss, and apparently, it has. I am hoping that the weight loss will make it easier to run. I would imagine that if I meet my goal, taking 40 lbs. off should help tremendously in my effort to participate in the Disney run in October.

As for dieting, I am still on the Atkins diet and have passed the induction phase. After this weekend, I may have to go back to the induction phase, but I’ll have to see what the test strips have to say Monday morning.

Until tomorrow…………………………………………..

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Running……….Day 9

I woke up this morning, and no, that isn’t the beginning verse to 50% of the blues songs written, with a little soreness and tightness in my right calf. I also have some soreness in my left ankle. Nevertheless, I felt good enough to give it a try.

After five minutes of stretching, I took off on the normal path. As the goal for this week is to get the mile time down under six minutes,I picked up the pace. Initially, there was a little discomfort in the right calf, but after about 20 feet, that went away, sort of.

After the first lap, a quick check of the clock and the 1/2 mile was covered in 3:18! Not bad!

After a little bit of stretching, time for the second lap. Apparently, picking up the pace on the first lap, affected the second lap. Fortunately, the sprint at the end may have shaved off a few seconds and the run time for lap two was 3:41. The total time was just under seven minutes, which was a little disappointing as I was shooting for 6:30 total time. Oh well, there is tomorrow!

The good news is that after some more stretching after the run, there is no pain in either leg. Also, the hip and knee pain from two weeks ago, hasn’t returned.

Next week I will be adding wind sprints to the end of each run. Ten should be good to help with the endurance. Also, next week starts “Phase 3” weightlifting! I can’t wait for that.

So far, the total weight loss is 15 pounds. I am at the goal weight, 225 lbs., that I set for the Tour de Bar. I am sure I’ll gain a few pounds from that event, but by Wednesday of next week, I should be back to 225 lbs. and hopefully, on my way to 220 lbs. and below! ๐Ÿ™‚

Till tomorrow………………………………………..

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Running…Day 8!

After a week off, it was time to “pound the pavement”! After a light stretch, I began the first lap around the block. There was no pain anywhere, including the nagging hip and left knee!

I stopped after the first lap to stretch. It probably wasn’t needed as nothing was getting tight. Finished the second lap with no stops or pain!

As I type, I am developing a nice sweat and there is a little soreness in my right calf. Some stretching and a hot shower should take care of that.

Total running time was just over seven minutes. I am going to try to trim that down to five and a half minutes by the end of the week.

In conclusion, it seems that the world trip around Disney followed by a weeks rest has done some good. I was refreshed and could probably easily run another mile without much of a problem.

I don’t know what that “couch to 5K” program is, but, I think I am ahead of it. This week I will attempt to get the time down for the mile. I don’t want to overdo it as the “Tour de Bar” is this weekend and I need to save some energy for that. The whole diet will be thrown off by alcohol, which I am limited to because of the gluten issue. I can’t ride a bike and consume Tequila Sunrises all day! That was already attempted and the results were less than satisfactory! I will have a supply of Redbridge beer in the cooler on the bike, and take one “shot” when we reach the Briney Pub. Of course, the Briney is where most injuries take place, as it is near the end of the tour, so I will try to stay upright!

All in all…………….a great run to start the week off with!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is it six hours after the run, and my right calf is still tight! This can’t be good!

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Running Day 7

Those of you who have been following this log, may have noticed a week missing! After last weekends trip to Disney and the subsequent 500 mile walk around Disney, my left knee was swollen and very stiff.

I didn’t think it would be a good idea to run right away, so I took a day or two off….which magically turned into a week! I’ll be back at it tonight as the swelling and pain is now completely gone. Fear not, I haven’t given up! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned…………………………………….

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Running…Day 6.

After two days of walking and pushing the stroller, which could have been the best gift we ever got, Thanks Jen!, at Disney, I woke up this morning with a bit of pain in the upper right inside portion of my knee. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

This is not the normal area of pain that I am constantly battling. There is an area behind my knee where my hamstring attaches, that has some sort of knot or object lodged in there. No one knows what it is, but I can just manipulate it and the pain goes away.

The area that hurts today is right at the bottom of the “teardrop” muscle in my quadriceps, which, I have noticed, is significantly smaller than my right leg. I can’t wait to get into the gym to correct this. This area also happens to be right on top of where my ACL is attached.

To prevent further injury, I’ll be taking today off from running. I have to work later today, so, tomorrow I’ll return back to the running.

Sometime this week, I’ll blog the entire story of how my knee got damaged. It will include a couple of pictures and the names of the Doctors who were involved. What started out as a simple ACL/meniscus tear, has turned into a situation where total or partial knee replacement will be required…someday.

That is the reason I am running. If my knee is going to require replacement anyway, I might as well do what I can now as from all reports from other patients I have talked to and Doctors, once the knee is replaced, running and a majority of other activities, are out of the question.

The damage to my knee right now is so severe that my Doctor has already recommended that a “partial” replacement be performed. That is what I am trying to avoid. Hopefully by stretching and building up the muscles, I can stave off this procedure.

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Running Day 5…….Pain!

As there were no ill effects of yesterdays one mile run, I felt fairly confident that todays run would be much easier. Turned out, not to be the case!

The temperature was a balmy seventy degrees. The moon was full, and there was a medium fog present. As I am fighting whatever new disease Marshall has contracted, todays supplements included the addition of Echeneisha as well as two Nitrix pills. One was a good idea, the other was not!

The run began as usual, the hip issue reared its head, but within 5 seconds, I heard the familiar pop, and that pain was gone.

After the first leg of the run, my calfs began to tighten up, specifically the left one. I wear a brace that was prescribed to me by my Doctor. It is a “Unloader” brace and is supposed to take the pressure off of my damaged inner portion of my knee. I’ll have to say, so far, it is effective. Unfortunately, it requires adjustment and I would guess that this weeks running has cause my calf to grow a little bit and the lower strap that goes around my calf, was too tight. I unbuckled the strap and the tightness went away.

After the first lap, I did a light stretch in front of the house and off I went for the second lap. I made it through the second lap without any problems, except…that by this time, the Echenisha was beginning to make the return route through my throat! For the last two legs the taste in my mouth was not pleasant!

After making the final turn, the sprint to the finish was on. I made the sprint almost effortlessly. This could be due to the acclamation from running or the “boost” from the Nitrix. In any event, a successful run!

Thoughts after week one:

  1. It would appear as though I am in a little worse shape than I imagined, at least strength-wise.
  2. Endurance doesn’t seem to be a problem. After the tightness is gone, I should have no problem running any distance.
  3. The actual running portion is not nearly as bad as I expected.
  4. The supplements, particularly the Nitrix, work.
  5. It would appear, at least initially, that there have been no issues with the surgically repaired left knee. ๐Ÿ™‚

I will be taking Saturday and Sunday off…sort of….more on that later. ๐Ÿ™‚

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