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Running Day 14.

After yesterdays incident, I was a little concerned about today. As I awoke, my right calve is still a little tight, but there is no bruising and it has loosened up considerably. In the interest of looking toward the long-term goal, I am going to take the rest of the week off and return to the running program next Monday.

As to what caused this injury, my own stupidity! As I was in a hurry yesterday to get the run in before Marshall woke up, I didn’t bother stretching and just started running. As everything felt so good, I thought I was going to get away with it, apparently, my body had different ideas! I won’t make this mistake again!

As for the rest of the day, I have some running around, not literal running, to do and then the remainder of the day will be for rest. I think I am going to slither over to the meat market and see if they have a decent rib roast for Friday night dinner. I see the Ducane is getting “jealous” as the Q is getting the bulk of the work lately!

The Atkins diet has done its job. Although I did gain 7 pounds from the Tour de Bar, which I also noticed that the last time I had a binge, the weight gain was also 7 pounds, that weight is now gone and I am back to 225 pounds. Unfortunately, it appears as though when I took Marshall to the doctor, one of those sick kids has transmitted yet another disease to yours truly! Can the parents not read? Sick kids go on the other side of the wall, well kids go on this side!

The next entry for the running blog will be Monday, but, there should be something on the Q page.


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Porterhouse Steak on the Q

Tonight, for dinner, it was a porterhouse steak. Publix finally got someone who doesn’t cut these things 1/2 inch thick, so I grabbed this one.

Medium rare:

After a five minute rest:

Marshall eating the best part:

And, Sophia gets some “scraps”!

Another perfectly cooked piece of meat on the Q! Tomorrow, I am going to see how it works as a tanning bed, as everything else that gets cooked on this grill comes out perfect! 🙂

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Cheeseburger in Paradise..or at least the back patio!

For lunch today, it is just a simple cheeseburger. Of course, there is more to it than just slapping a pattie on the grill, but, that will be detailed elsewhere on the blog. (;

The first thing you need is some burger meat. I prefer ground chuck. I get four or five pounds of it and mix in some ingredients, make the patties, place them in zip lock bags, and freeze them. After that, you can just plop them on the grill!

Since I made bacon and eggs on the Q this morning, instead of replacing the griddle with the regular grate, I decided to just cook this burger on the griddle. I mean, why waste that bacon fat? 🙂

I heated up the grill and placed the burger on it once the temperature reached 500 degrees.

Now, what kind of “hamburger” would it be, without the ham? 🙂

Time to add the cheese:

And, finally, plated up! Excuse the paper plate!

As with everything else cooked on the Q so far,…Perfect!

I hope everybody else enjoyed their lunch!


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Saturdays list

As there is no run scheduled today, it would seem to be a day to relax. Not so!

First, I will make breakfast on the Weber Q, again, as that was a big hit last week. Then, out for some supplies required for the “Tour de Bar”. Since the wife has to get her hair done, Marshall and I will visit the park for a little “Daddy and Me” picnic! Next, time to cut the lawn…which I have managed to put off for the entire week. It needs to be done soon because as it is now, the house is barely visible from the road! And, finally, dinner, barbecue bone in chicken breasts and cole slaw!

Sunday, will be the Tour de Bar. For those that do not know what this event is, several individuals, and the number has actually gone over 100 participants, several times, start out at a predetermined launch site , Bonefish Macs this year @ 11:00 if anyone wants to join the party, and then visit select drinking/eating establishments during the day. It is a great time, in most instances, and culminates with a party as the Super Bowl starts.

Below is this years itinerary:

Tour De Bar 2011

Wish me luck!

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Running……….Day 10 a little break!

As I was getting into bed last night, I heard a “pop” from my left knee. Immediately, it was locked up and I couldn’t straighten it completely out. 😦 After some vigorous massaging, the knee finally straightened out. I have yet to figure out, how, the mere act of getting in and out of bed, can cause so many injuries! Welcome to 50!

After yesterdays run, later in the day after I performed an inspection, both legs were sore. Both calves as well as my ankles were sore and tight. I guess this means that the running is working as I am now incorporating all of my leg muscles, which I hope, is a good thing! I applied some liberal amounts of “icy-hot” to both legs and that seemed to help. On to todays run…………………..

As there was a fog advisory, I thought I might get to postpone the run. No such luck! Although it was foggy outside, I stretched and began the run. I made the entire first lap without breathing through my mouth. I would consider that a sign that the endurance is coming along well. On the other hand, after the first lap, I began to cough violently. This is a result of one of the many “infections” transmitted to Marshall, then to me, from his daycare.

This cough has been with me for at least a good month, and is beginning to get irritating. The good news is that I began spewing up all sorts of phlegm, which hopefully, is a sign that this latest infection has run its course.

As I have to cut the lawn today, I decided to cut the run short. It takes a good 1 1/2 hours to perform all the needed tasks to properly cut the lawn, edging, blowing, hedge trimming, etc., so that should make up for the missing  second lap. Tomorrow will be the first attempt to run the whole mile without stopping for stretching. I will see how that goes. Saturday will be an off day and Sunday is the “Tour de Bar”. Hopefully, the bike riding will offset the alcohol consumption. 🙂

When I got on the scale this morning it read 223 lbs., which is a little bit ahead of schedule, but I’ll take it. I knew the running would eventually start to effect the weight loss, and apparently, it has. I am hoping that the weight loss will make it easier to run. I would imagine that if I meet my goal, taking 40 lbs. off should help tremendously in my effort to participate in the Disney run in October.

As for dieting, I am still on the Atkins diet and have passed the induction phase. After this weekend, I may have to go back to the induction phase, but I’ll have to see what the test strips have to say Monday morning.

Until tomorrow…………………………………………..

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Running……….Day 9

I woke up this morning, and no, that isn’t the beginning verse to 50% of the blues songs written, with a little soreness and tightness in my right calf. I also have some soreness in my left ankle. Nevertheless, I felt good enough to give it a try.

After five minutes of stretching, I took off on the normal path. As the goal for this week is to get the mile time down under six minutes,I picked up the pace. Initially, there was a little discomfort in the right calf, but after about 20 feet, that went away, sort of.

After the first lap, a quick check of the clock and the 1/2 mile was covered in 3:18! Not bad!

After a little bit of stretching, time for the second lap. Apparently, picking up the pace on the first lap, affected the second lap. Fortunately, the sprint at the end may have shaved off a few seconds and the run time for lap two was 3:41. The total time was just under seven minutes, which was a little disappointing as I was shooting for 6:30 total time. Oh well, there is tomorrow!

The good news is that after some more stretching after the run, there is no pain in either leg. Also, the hip and knee pain from two weeks ago, hasn’t returned.

Next week I will be adding wind sprints to the end of each run. Ten should be good to help with the endurance. Also, next week starts “Phase 3” weightlifting! I can’t wait for that.

So far, the total weight loss is 15 pounds. I am at the goal weight, 225 lbs., that I set for the Tour de Bar. I am sure I’ll gain a few pounds from that event, but by Wednesday of next week, I should be back to 225 lbs. and hopefully, on my way to 220 lbs. and below! 🙂

Till tomorrow………………………………………..

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Ribs on the Weber Q

As breakfast was such a raging success, I decided to further test the capabilities of the Weber Q by cooking ribs on it. Ribs, can be cooked in numerous ways and using different methods as far as marinating, seasoning, as well as cooking styles. I decided to use the tried and true method that will work for about anyone.

The first thing I did is to cut the ribs into three sections, then, place them in a pot of water. You may add any spices you wish at this point. For this particular recipe, I added no spices, barbecue sauce, or anything else. Next, turn the heat on high and bring to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes and then turn the heat down to medium or medium low. Contrary to popular belief, boiling ribs does not remove “all” of the flavor of the meat. Let the ribs simmer for a half an hour and then, shut the heat off. Let them soak for another half an hour.

Meanwhile, I had a few small pieces of wood soaking in water. There is much debate regarding soaking your wood. I prefer it. Next, I wrap the wood in foil and placed it on the left side of the burner element.

This was done to add some wood flavor to the meat as well as to add some coating to the grill itself. Over time, there will be a build up and that is when things cooked on the grill will begin to really become flavorful! I turned the burner on and waited for the “plume” of smoke to appear.

Now the grill is ready for the ribs. After soaking, the ribs are easier to cut, so, I cut them at the knuckles, which leaves you with the odd pieces and, the pieces you end up eating at restaurants. I placed the ribs on the grill and closed the lid. This should allow the smoke from the wood to penetrate the meat as well as the other flavors from the barbecue.

Should, was the operative word. It appears that in order to allow the end tables to fold into the Q, there is about a 3/4 inch gap on either side, which was allowing the smoke to escape. I had to add some aluminum foil to block the space on the left side so that the smoke would exit the right side. I may have to construct some sort of device to prevent heat loss in the future.

After an hour on low and checking the ribs frequently, it was time to add the sauce.

And finally, ready to eat! You will notice that the “odd” pieces are not present in the final presentation. They were used for taste testing!

The ribs were quite tasty. They didn’t get as much wood flavor as I had hoped, but that usually requires actual smoking and I didn’t want this to be an all day project!

All things considered, the ribs were very tender, had plenty of “natural” flavor as well as some enhanced flavors from the wood and sauce. Not quite perfect, but for the first time on a “portable” grill, not bad. I know I could never have done this on the MasterForge grill as everything would have been burnt in a 1/2 an hour.

This grill, like most Webers and Ducanes, does not have the flare ups and uneven cooking properties found in cheaper, lesser known grills. So far, the Q has performed better than expected!

One interesting thing, once the wood got hot enough to burn, it had to be moved to the center of the bowl. After it burned up, it fell directly into the catch tray! I couldn’t have planned that any better!

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Breakfast on the Weber Q!

As there was a thread regarding cooking breakfast on a barbecue grill on the BBQSource website, I decided to try this on the Weber Q. This is in part, to add to my upcoming review of the “Q”, which will be posted elsewhere on the blog in the coming weeks.

The first thing I did was to remove the regular grill and place the griddle, which was the only thing worth keeping from the old Charmglow grill, in the grill cavity. As you can see, it fit like a glove! I sprayed some Pam on the griddle just to make sure it was clean and still wouldn’t stick.

Now, to add the bacon. I cut the bacon in half and then freeze it. I eat bacon usually twice a week, and no matter where I put it in the refrigerator, it still goes bad if I store the whole package.

A quick check of the temperature, and we are off! The setting of the burner was “high”.

I closed the lid to add a little bit of flavor to the grill lid…which may come in handy for the ribs I’ll be cooking later on today! 🙂

And now, time to add the eggs!

Everything came out perfect…if I do say so myself!!

Marshalls plate:

And by all accounts, he seemed to enjoy everything!

Breakfast was a complete success. This grill is quite versatile and, it was a different way to cook breakfast. And, has the advantage of not having to clean a couple of pans!

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World Famous Pulled Pork

It is time to unleash my world-famous pulled pork recipe! Detailed below, are all of the steps used when I prepare pulled pork. It is non-traditional as a crock-pot is used instead of full smoking. It would be my opinion, that just smoking the pork until it is ready to fall apart, imparts to much smoke flavor for my particular tastes.


  1. 2 Boston Butts available at your local meat market, roughly $20.00.
  2. McCormick Pork rub
  3. One beer of your choice. Try to stay away from dark beer as it may be too strong.
  4. Worcestershire  sauce (to taste)
  5. Spicy brown mustard (to taste)
  6. Salt and Pepper (to taste)


  1. A smoker or grill that can be used as a smoker. I have the MasterBuilt 7 in 1 smoker.
  2. 20 lbs. of charcoal
  3. Wood, preferably, hickory.

Step one is to prepare the pork. Take the pork rub and spread liberally on the pork as pictured below. Wrap the pork in Saran wrap and place in the refrigerator overnight.

While the pork is marinating, get your smoker ready. I have never cleaned the inside of my smoker and the smell is almost intoxicating! I add 10 lbs. of charcoal to the pan and turn on the gas, light the burner and use the propane to get the coals going for around 20 minutes. If you have a smoker that does not use gas, either get a charcoal lighting stack or use a bunch of paper to get the fire going. Do not use MatchLight or lighter fluid!!!

When the coals are white, like the picture below, you are ready!

Now is when you add the wood. I soak my wood for a day prior to using it for smoking. There are varying opinions as to the effectiveness of soaking the wood in water and not soaking. It is my personal preference  to soak the wood. I wrap the wood in “heavy-duty” aluminum foil. Four pieces to start with.

The next step is to add the water pan. This is a very important step as it serves two purposes.

  1. The water pan helps regulate the heat and
  2. helps keep the meat moist.

And now, to add the meat!! Here are two butts and a pork roast. The pork roast will only be on the smoker for a couple of hours just to get some flavor and then, it will go on the rotisserie.

And now, everything is in and the lid goes on. The idea is to keep the temperature near 225 degrees. Some people like to let the temperature get hot by leaving the water pan out for 20 minutes, then adding the water pan and reducing the heat. I prefer to just let it smoke…slow and steady!

A quick check to make sure everything is going well!

After about six hours, it may be time to restock the charcoal and wood.

time to put everything back on, except the pork roast! 😉

After another six hours, the pork is ready to come off. I usually use 1 1/2 butts for the pulled pork and the wife and I eat the rest either in an omelet, sandwich, or…just plain with a little bit of that fancy mustard!

Day 2:

For this step, you will need a crock pot. Take the sections of butts, and you may have to cut them in half to get them to fit, and place the butts in the crock-pot. Add the liquid of your choice. Water, beer, chicken stock, whatever you wish. Experiment! You can add as many spices as you want or none. for this particular version, I added two cups of water, salt and pepper. that was it! You can add the spices listed above or any ones of your choosing. Remember one thing, spices are used to enhance the flavor, not to overtake it!

Cook on low for eight hours checking periodically to make sure there is enough liquid. If some liquid has evaporated, add more.

After eight hours, the pork should now be tender enough to pull apart with a fork. Try doing that. If the pork comes apart easily, you are done. Shut the crock-pot off and let everything sit for another hour If the pork doesn’t come apart easily, continue cooking for another 2 hours. Then do the fork test again. It may take up to 12 hours in the crock-pot. Allow for enough time.

After it has been pulled, you should have very little fat left.

Now you can place the pork back into the crock-pot and take it to wherever you are going to eat it, turn the crock-pot on low until everything is heated up, and serve with “some” barbecue sauce and enjoy! It is very hard to ruin this pork..even if you dump two bottles of barbecue sauce into the mix, it is still edible!

In case anyone was wondering what happened to that pork roast………..

I hope everyone enjoys this…I know we did!

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